SMS Templates
  • 05 Oct 2023
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SMS Templates

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Article Summary

Personalized Templates You Can Add to Any Message

Send fast, easy, personalized messages. No typing required.

Use Cases

  • Announcements     Join us for Happy Hour after today’s {{Event_Name__c}} at the SMS Pub from 5-8P.
  • Reminders     Hi {{firstname}}! Reminder: the Thanksgiving football game starts at 10A.
  • Call to Action     Volunteer registration is open. Go here: to sign up today.
  • Greetings     Hi {{firstname}}. How are you feeling today?
  • Engagement     Your loan balance is {{Balance__c}}. Your next payment of {{Payment__c}} is due on {{Payment_Date__c}}. Text ASSIST if you are not able to pay as expected.
  • Survey Starters (see the Form Templates section)

Create a Standalone SMS Template (not connected to a Form Template)

Before beginning, if you plan to utilize Contact or Lead Merge Fields, ensure that the API-formatted name of the Merge Fields are populated in Application Settings. 

See the Merge Fields section for more information.

  1. Click the SMS Templates tab and click New.

2. Name the SMS Template and populate your message text. Click Save

3. Here’s your finished SMS Template record

Testing Your New SMS Template

  1. Navigate to a Mogli-configured object record. From Conversation View, click the caret to the right of the  icon and select your SMS Template.

2. Click the red arrow or press Enter to send. Your message should populate the correct variable from the Merge Field. Your new Template is ready for use in 1 to 1 and Bulk Messages.

A delivered message via SMS Template. What the contact or lead seesIn Conversation View

Create a Survey-Starter SMS Template

  1. Create a Form Template (See the Form Template Section)
  2. Copy the text from the first question of your Form Template
  3. Go to the SMS Templates tab and click New.
  4. Name the SMS Template the same as your Form Template. Paste the text of your first question in the Text field. Leave the region as -None- and attach the appropriate Form Template. Save

Use the SMS Template to initiate your Form Template survey in 1 to 1 and Bulk Messages.


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