Sending SMS from Marketing Cloud Journey Builder
  • 08 Mar 2024
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Sending SMS from Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

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Adding Mogli SMS to a Marketing Cloud Journey

From Marketing Cloud Journey Builder, you can add in SMS activities for outbound message sends to the contacts inserted into your Journey. The guide below will explain what Activity to use and how to configure the SMS send. Any additional setup and configuration is at the discretion of your desired outcome within your Journey and communication strategy.

Please see Salesforce Marketing Cloud documentation on Journey Builder for additional configuration and feature resources.

  1. From your Journey Entry Sources panel, drag the Salesforce Data component onto your journey builder canvas
  2. Double click on the Salesforce Data component to open the Define Entry Source > Select Salesforce Data
  3. Click Next
  4. Set your entry source criteria using the configuration wizard and complete all desired actions until your entry source is defined:

  5. From your Journey Activities panel, drag the Object Activity component onto your journey builder canvas.
  6. After placing your Object Activity on the canvas, double-click to edit and open the configuration wizard.
  7. Search for and select the SMS object. Click the Next button within the wizard.
  8. Select Action - Create New. Click the Next button within the wizard.
  9. For base configuration purposes, you must map the following fields:
    Note: some fields will have required values that must be set to execute the SMS send
    1. Contact or Lead lookup MUST be mapped (depending on the records you are using as journey contacts)
    2. Direction = Outgoing
    3. Gateway = select the desired Gateway that will send this message (you can lookup the Gateway from within the wizard.
    4. Message = enter the message body here (Text Area Long). You can include merge fields leveraging Marketing Cloud Attributes, emojis, special characters, etc.
    5. Phone Number = this must be set as the Mogli Number on either the Contact or the Lead. Contact is used as an example screenshot below.
    6. Status = Queued

  10. Click the Next button in the wizard and review the object data that was just configured.
  11. Click Done
  12. If more outbound SMS messages are desired within the Journey, repeat steps 1-8 to set up the Object Activity as needed.

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