Sandbox Refresh Best Practices
  • 12 Jan 2024
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Sandbox Refresh Best Practices

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Article Summary

Sandbox Refresh Best Practices

Mogli is configured using both metadata (configurations found in Salesforce Setup) and Salesforce records. 

When you refresh a sandbox, all of your metadata from Production is copied into Sandbox and overwrites the existing Sandbox metadata. Typically, your Salesforce records are also either cleared out (when refreshing a developer org), or reset to a subset of those in your production instance (when refreshing a partial sandbox). 

Metadata Impact

If you have created custom fields, permission sets, sites, automations, or configured Custom Objects for Mogli in Sandbox - but not yet moved them to production - those configurations may need to be reconfigured in order to use Mogli within your sandbox. 

Failure to reconfigure these things prior to using Mogli within your sandbox may result in component errors and unsuccessful sending & receiving of messages.

Record Impact

It also means that any records you may have updated will be overwritten or removed. The most frequent objects impacted are:

  • Application Settings
  • Gateways 
  • User Notification Preferences
  • SMS Templates
  • Form Templates
  • Question Templates
  • Possible Answers 

How to Prepare

It's certainly a good idea to refresh your sandboxes from time to time. Below are some tips to keep in mind to prepare for a refresh.

  1. If you are doing refresh of a partial sandbox, include the objects listed above in your sample records list
  2. Export your sandbox gateway records & Application Settings record prior to the refresh, and replace them manually (or via import) once the refresh is complete 
  3. Migrate any metadata changes from sandbox into production prior to the refresh so they won't be lost
  4. Let us help! Email to let us know about the refresh and we can highlight any specific areas in your org to be aware of

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