Release Notes - v5.66.2
  • 12 Jan 2024
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Release Notes - v5.66.2

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Article Summary

Mogli SMS Release Notes - v5.66.2

Self-Upgrade to 5.66.2 by using these instructions.

What’s New

Resolved Issues

  • (5.66.2) Bug fix for Bulk SMS Lightning tab cache issue which caused unwanted recipients to be added to bulk sends.
  • (5.66.1) Bug fix for error List has no rows for assignment to SObject.
  • Bug fix to prevent 1:1 messages from being placed in the Apex Flex Queue.
  • Bug fix to prevent 1:1 messages over intelligent routing Gateways using Async Tasks.
  • Bug fix to prevent duplicate messages when scheduling bulk SMS to a Campaign.
  • Bug fix to prevent duplicate messages resulting from repeated API calls.
  • Bug fix to prevent duplicate Async Task records from being created.
  • Bug fix for install error when a Salesforce instance is using Shield Platform Encryption.
  • Bug fix to make merge fields case-insensitive.
  • Bug fix to prevent scheduled Forms from responding to incoming SMS.
  • Bug fix to ensure Mogli Inbox shows the latest messages.
  • Bug fix to reduce latency when using the Clear All Notifications button.
  • Bug fix for Conversation View to display messages when the SMS record is owned by a Queue.
  • Update for Gateways that enforce HTTP authentication for MMS media.

Update Details

Mogli Messaging API (Beta)

The Mogli Messaging API is an API endpoint hosted on Mogli’s cloud server which acts as an intermediate layer for processing outgoing bulk messages. The Mogli Messaging API improves scalability, reliability, and speed to bulk messaging.

The Mogli Messaging API is available for beta testing. If you are interested, please contact your Client Success Manager at

Real time updates for outgoing messages in the Conversation View

Push topics have been updated so the Mogli Conversation View will show real time updates for outgoing messages. This enables a user to see messages in the Conversation View sent by other users in real time.

MMS available on all toll-free gateways

Sending MMS (attachments) is now available on all toll-free gateways.

Message segments counted on SMS records

Message segments are now tracked on the SMS record and can be used for internal usage reporting. Please note that the Message Segments field will only be populated for messages sent after upgrading to v5.66.2.

Self Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading to v5.66.2 is simple:

  1. Click here to install 5.66.2 in production (click here for sandbox)
  2. Login to Salesforce.
  3. Install for Admins Only.
  4. Confirm that the install has been completed by checking your email or navigating to Setup > Installed Packages and checking that Mogli SMS is version 5.66.2.

For clients using Twilio as a messaging partner (including Twilio Voice):

  1. Go to “Setup”
  2. Search for “Remote Site Settings” and click “Remote Site Settings”
  3. Click “New remote site”
  4. Populate the “Remote Site Name” as “Twilio_Media1”
  5. Populate the “Remote Site URL” as “
  6. Click “Save”

*Please contact your CSM if you are unsure if your gateways are Setup with Twilio.*

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from a version prior to 5.49, additional configuration may be required. Click here to see 5.49 self upgrade instructions. See step #2 above to confirm which version of Mogli SMS you currently have installed.

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