Release Notes - v5.57 (Spring '23)
  • 22 Dec 2023
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Release Notes - v5.57 (Spring '23)

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Article Summary

Mogli SMS Release Notes - v5.57 - Spring ‘23

Self-Upgrade to v5.57 by using these instructions.

What’s New

Resolved Issues

  • Bug fix for record level opt-out.
  • Bug fix for when Bulk SMS send button is inactive.
  • Bug fix for No Gateway assigned user toast.
  • Bug fix for text color setting in the Conversation View.
  • Bug fix for messages failing to appear, or appearing out of order in the Conversation View.
  • Bug fix for component error: bubbleSMSItem.
  • Bug fix for component error: findIndexBackwards.

Known Issues

  • Mogli Inbox sometimes fails to display the most recent messages.
  • Having 50,000 or more SMS records in Scheduled status results in an apex error.
  • Sending a Form Template in a bulk send using an intelligent routing gateway may cause duplicate SMS records to be created and sent.
    • Workaround: do not use intelligent routing gateways for this purpose.
  • Lightning component errors may occur if there are SMS records without the Gateway field populated.

Update Details

Limit SMS query in Notifications utility bar to last 3 months

The Notifications utility bar will now only show unread notifications for the last three months. This allows organizations with large volumes of inbound SMS records to delete SMS User Acknowledge records that are older than 3 months to free up storage space.

Conversation View “sent by” updated to the owner of the SMS record

Within the Conversation View, the user avatar is displayed based on the owner of the related SMS record. On prior versions, the user avatar was based on the Created By user.

Outgoing SMS records that are related to a Form will be owned by the user who first initiated the Form Template. On prior versions, the outgoing SMS records were owned by the SMS Site Guest User.

Removed Campaign tab from the Bulk SMS Lightning tab

The Campaign tab has been removed, and you may continue to send bulk SMS to Campaigns via the Campaign lookup field.

Mogli Inbox time changed from 24 hour to 12 hour time format

When Mogli Inbox displays messages that were received today, a 12 hour time format will be displayed. On prior versions, a 24 hour time format was displayed.

Removed implementation of MogliSMS Account/Contact/Lead triggers

  • Contact/Lead triggers were used in deprecated features of MogliSMS.
  • Account trigger was used to update the Mogli Number field on Person Accounts. If you are using Person Accounts, contact your CSM for details to install a flow.
  • Note: While the implementation of these triggers has been removed, the apex trigger itself is still included in the Mogli SMS managed package.

Browser autoplay policy affects Notifications sound

Some browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have updated their autoplay policy to prevent unwanted media autoplays which can affect the MogliSMS notification sound. To ensure that the notification sound plays consistently, each user will need to update a setting in their browser to allow sounds to autoplay.

If the autoplay setting is not updated, when you first log in to Salesforce, or refresh your browser tab, notification sounds will not play until you have interacted with the page (such as clicking anywhere in Salesforce). If you are actively using Salesforce, notification sounds should play as expected.

See these additional resources:

Self Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading to 5.57 from 5.49 is simple.

  1. Use the following links to login to Salesforce and upgrade MogliSMS (Production | Sandbox)
    1. Install for Admins Only.
  2. Confirm that the install has been completed by checking your email or navigating to Setup > Installed Packages and checking that Mogli SMS is version 5.57.

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from a version prior to 5.49, additional configuration may be required. Click here to see 5.49 self upgrade instructions. See step #2 above to confirm which version of Mogli SMS you currently have installed.

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