Recurring Bulk Send
  • 06 May 2024
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Recurring Bulk Send

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  • Send a recurring message to contacts selected from a filtered report
  • Easily schedule future sends to occur either daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Maintain full control to modify future send schedule or message text as needed

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Booster Includes

  1. Installation and Activation of Package: Seamlessly install and activate the package to enable Wizard-based setup of recurring bulk messages sent from a report with filters to automatically ensure the right Leads and Contacts (including Person Accounts) get the right message at the right time. The package includes the ability to edit or cancel scheduled messages prior to sending. Additionally, forms can be triggered by sending connecting SMS Templates.
  2. Configuration and Permissioning: Default configuration as well as assignment of the required permission set to a user to enable Wizard access.
  3. Documentation and Client Training: Receive documentation and training on using the Wizard to configure (including permission set assignment), run, and report on recurring bulk messages sent from a report.

Booster Limitations

While our package offers robust capabilities, there are some limitations to be aware of. Professional service hours may be purchased to enhance the package to meet your specific requirements. 

  1. Report Creation: Creation of the report used to send from is not included in this Booster.
  2. Recipient Cap Per Send: Due to Salesforce limitations, sending to over 2000 recipients from a report is not supported.
  3. Sending Outside Reports: Sending from things other than a Salesforce report, such as a CSV or Campaign, is not supported.
  4. Default Gateways: A specific gateway must be defined within the wizard. Sending from Default Gateways is not currently supported.
  5. Report Types: Reports must be from a supported Mogli object. Sending from the Campaign object is not supported. Custom report types are supported.
  6. Scheduling Sends: Sends cannot be scheduled more than five years into the future.
  7. Utilization Reports: Sample utilization reports are included within the package and can be cloned by the client for self-customization.
  8. Visibility: Both sending report visibility and assigning of permission sets should be maintained by the client.
  9. MMS/Attachments: Form template creation does not include sending of MMS or attachments.
  10. Language: Booster Wizard is English only.
  11. Wizard Support: Due to the inclusion of the Wizard, it is expected that the client will create their own SMS Broadcast Schedules. However, Mogli can configure these for you for $500 per SMS Broadcast Schedule & instance (sandbox or production).

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