Out of Office Auto-Responser
  • 27 Feb 2023
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Out of Office Auto-Responser

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Set Up Text Message Out-of-Office (OOO) Auto-Responder

Are your constituents texting your users after-hours, while you’re on vacation, or on holidays? Utilize this convenient automation so you’ll stay responsive, even when unavailable. 

We’ve created an unmanaged package to easily customize and trigger automated out-of-the-office text messages according to your unique requirements.

User-Level OOO Responder

Sends a text message auto-reply when an incoming text message is sent to a particular Contact Owner who is unavailable, such as on weekends or vacations. Users must set their own out-of-office dates within Salesforce.

Install the User-Level OOO Auto-Responder unmanaged package

  1. From your Salesforce instance, append your Salesforce URL with the following string: packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t4W000002UzO2
  2. Remove the contents of the URL up until lightning/ and paste the above. For example, your URL should now appear like this: https://tact.lightning.force.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t4W000002UzO2
  3. Click Enter
  4. Install for Admins Only

Users can populate Vacation and Weekend Info on the User object

Package includes 4 new fields on the User object:

                                • Mogli - Vacation Start (Date field)
                                • Mogli - Vacation End (Date field)
                                • Mogli - Weekend Message (Text Area)
                                • Mogli - Vacation Message (Text Area)

5. The user can access their User record by clicking on their Avatar in the upper right corner of their Salesforce instance, and then clicking on their Name.

6. The user populates the custom fields accordingly and Saves.

Admin Tip: The user doesn’t have to modify these fields, even after returning to work.

Activate the Flow:

    1. From Setup, enter Flow and select Flows
    2. Open the Flow entitled Mogli - User-Level OOO Auto-Responder
    3. Once the Flow is open, click Activate
    4. Test the Flow by sending an incoming text message into one of your Gateways within the Vacation Start and End duration and/or on a Saturday or Sunday.

The Flow runs when an SMS record’s Direction = Incoming. It then queries the SMS record’s Created Date field for WEEKDAY(TODAY() is 1(Sunday) OR 7(Saturday), and validates whether the incoming SMS was created within the vacation dates specified on the Contact Owner’s User record.

NOTE: Using Lead Owner or another record Owner? You may modify the unmanaged Flow to account for this. Alternatively, a purchase of professional service hours may be necessary if you want our team to modify the Flow according to your specifications.

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