NPS/CSAT Package
  • 06 May 2024
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NPS/CSAT Package

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  • Quickly create and launch NPS/CSAT Surveys
  • Use pre-built questions or write your own
  • Includes built-in dashboards and reports
  • Up and running in one-hour

Watch our 2 minute demo video!

Booster Includes

  1. Installation and Activation of Package: Seamlessly install and activate the package to enable Wizard-based setup of NPS/CSAT surveys through Mogli Form Templates, and automatic calculation of NPS/CSAT results.
  2. Documentation and Client Training: Receive documentation and training on using the Wizard to configure, run, and report on NPS/CSAT surveys through Mogli Form Templates.

Booster Limitations

While our package offers robust capabilities, there are some limitations to be aware of. Professional service hours may be purchased to enhance the package to meet your specific requirements. 

  1. Additional Questions: We recommend limiting questions to increase the likelihood of form completion. This booster includes a maximum of 8 form template questions.
  2. Custom Form Logic: Next Question logic customization is not included in this Booster.
  3. Field Mapping: This Booster does not support form response mapping to parent objects (such as Case or Opportunity).
  4. Merge Fields: Merge fields are currently not supported within Form Templates.
  5. Language: Booster Wizard is English only.
  6. Reports & Dashboards: Sample reports and dashboards are included within the package and can be cloned by the client for self-customization.
  7. Score Ranges: Score ranges outside of NPS (0-10) or CSAT (1-5) are not included in this Booster.
  8. MMS/Attachments: Form template creation does not include sending of MMS or attachments.
  9. Wizard Support: Due to the inclusion of the Wizard, it is expected that the client will create their own NPS/CSAT Form Template surveys. However, Mogli can configure these for you for $250 per form & instance (sandbox or production).

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