Mogli SMS User Trainings
  • 02 Apr 2024
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Mogli SMS User Trainings

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Mogli SMS Comprehensive Training

A training session of all-things-Mogli, including key fields, conversation view, 1:1 conversations, bulk messages, automated conversations and surveys, notifications, Mogli Inbox, and more.

Mogli SMS Opt In Consent Training

An overview of best practices on obtaining and tracking options and outs, universal keywords, TCPA guidelines, visibility and texting etiquette.

Mogli SMS Subscriptions Training

Learn how to manage Mogli SMS opt outs by phone number.

Mogli SMS Bulk Texting Training

A complete overview of bulk messaging functionality, best practices, Gateways, and automations.

Mogli SMS Form Templates Training

Form Templates - Mogli’s object for creating automated conversations and surveys. This training covers both linear and branching, as well as where to obtain and report on your valuable data.

Mogli Voice Training

A complete overview of Mogli Voice functionality, including text-to-voice and file-to-voice.

Mogli & WhatsApp Training

A complete overview of WhatsApp functionality, including pre-approved Templates, SMS Templates, 1:1 conversations, bulk messaging, best practices, and more.

Mogli Administrator Training

An overview of what Salesforce Admins can control in Mogli.
Mogli URL Training

Mogli URL allows you to shorten, customize, and track URLs that can be use anywhere. Mogli URL Pro add the ability to track personalized engagement at the recipient level.

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