Mogli Inbox
  • 14 Feb 2023
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Mogli Inbox

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Review and respond to all of your incoming messages in one convenient place! The Mogli Inbox will allow you to review, archive, and respond to messages associated with any Mogli-Configured object.

Update your Notification Settings from the Mogli Notifications Utility or by clicking the gear icon at the top right of the Inbox.

Filter by object and record ownership for each gateway! You can even toggle notifications and notification sounds on and off.

From the Inbox, select a single message from the message list:

From Conversation View - Respond directly to your recipient with all of the familiar Mogli Conversation View features:

Need more information about the individual? Click on the Object Name (in blue above the conversation) to open the record:

Select one or more messages, then click the open envelope or archive icon to mark as Read or Archive!

  • From the All Messages tab - Select one or more messages, then click the closed envelope icon to mark as Unread.
  • From Archive - Select one or more messages, then click the archive icon again to return your selection to the Inbox.

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