Intelligent Area Code Matching
  • 27 Feb 2023
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Intelligent Area Code Matching

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Intelligent Area Code Matching

Communicate with Your Contacts from a Number that Makes Sense

Intelligent Area Code Matching is Mogli’s way of customizing the number a message is sent from, based on your contact or lead’s area code. Once used, Mogli will remember the number it used for each recipient so that the same number is used again in the future.

How It Works

  1. Navigate to the Bulk SMS or Bulk SMS Lightning tabs
  2. Attach a Campaign, Report, or manually add recipients from Mogli-supported records
  3. Attach an SMS Template, MMS, and/or type directly in the Message field
  4. In the "From" dropdown, select Intelligent Area Code Matching
  5. Click Send

What are my options if I plan to use a short code instead of Intelligent Area Code Matching?

We do not recommend using Intelligent Area Code Matching for increasing throughput on bulk sends.

We support high throughput toll free numbers at $3,000 per year and short codes at a cost of $9,000 per year with a one-time $1,000 setup fee.  Short codes take roughly 8-12 weeks to procure, as they require application and use case approval by the carriers.  Typically, organizations choose high throughput toll free numbers and short codes for a greater throughput of messages.

Contact our sales team for more information.

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