Group Chat for Opportunities
  • 03 May 2024
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Group Chat for Opportunities

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  • Engage multiple internal stakeholders involved in a specific opportunity to keep everyone in sync
  • No other Salesforce messaging solutions offer group chat for collaborative communications
  • Keep track of the full conversation using the conversation view window in Mogli

Booster Includes

  1. Installation and Activation of Package: Installation and activation of the package which allows up to 5 individuals (each designated by having an Opportunity Contact Role record) to engage in a group chat from the Opportunity conversation view.
  2. Configuration and Permissioning: Default configuration as well as assignment of the required permission set to a user to enable access.
  3. Documentation and Client Training: Receive documentation and training on use, permissioning, and support of Group Chat for Opportunities.

Booster Limitations

While our package offers robust capabilities, there are some limitations to be aware of. Professional service hours may be purchased to enhance the package to meet your specific requirements. 

  1. Sending Objects & Recipients: This Booster supports sending from Opportunities to up to 5 individuals who each have an Opportunity Contact Role record with a mobile phone listed. Sending to Salesforce Groups is not supported. Creation of groups on a personal phone is not supported.
  2. MMS/Attachments: This Booster does not support the sending of MMS or attachments.
  3. Unique Gateway: Use of a unique gateway for Group Chat is strongly recommended. The cost of an additional gateway outside of those included in a client’s plan is not included.
  4. Opt In: This Booster does include checks for opt out, but it is the client’s responsibility to ensure written opt in to communication via SMS is obtained.
  5. Removal from Group Chat: This Booster does not support end users removal from the group chat unless they opt out of the gateway. The client can remove a user from the Group Chat by removing their Opportunity Contact Role record.
  6. End Recipient Visibility: This Booster does not support end recipient visibility of who else is within the group and their phone numbers.
  7. Business Hours Sending: This Booster does not support preventing sending outside of business hours. All messages will be sent in real time.
  8. Message Filtering or Censorship: This Booster does not support message content filtering or censorship of any kind.
  9. Visibility: Assigning permission sets to provide access to this Booster should be maintained by the client.

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