Email Notifications
  • 08 Feb 2023
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Email Notifications

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Email Notifications

Email Deliverability Settings must be set to an Access Level of ‘All Email’ in Setup. You may need to switch to Salesforce Classic to view this setting.

This guide offers the option of setting email notifications up with Flow.

Install the custom notification unmanaged package

From your Salesforce instance, append your Salesforce URL with the following string: packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04t4W000002UzMa

  1. Remove the contents of the URL up until lightning/and paste the above. 
    1. For example, your URL should now appear like this:
  2. Click Enter
  3. During install, select Rename conflicting components in this package
  4. Install for Admins Only:

This flow can be utilized for multiple types of custom notifications, including push notifications. To add an email notification, proceed with the next steps.

In the gear icon, click Setup.

Search “flow” and click Flows.

Click the Incoming SMS Alert Spring 21 flow.

While in Flow Builder, go to Manager and click the text template tEmailBody to open it.

Where it says “INSERT YOUR DOMAIN HERE”, you will want to copy and paste the main portion of your client’s Salesforce URL.



Click Done.

In your Toolbox, click Elements and drag an Action element onto the canvas.

In the search box, type “Email” and choose Send Email.

Name your action Send Email Notification to Owner.

Fill in the rest of these values:

  • Body → {!tEmailBody}
  • Subject → {!fNotifTitle}
  • Email Addresses (collection) → {!vEmailrecipientsCollection}

The Sender Address field must be filled in with an Org Wide Email Address. You can set this up by going to Setup > Organization-Wide Addresses.

Once you’ve filled in Sender Address and Sender Type, click Done.

If you’re not using the original action element for push notifications, make sure to delete it. Then connect the assignment nodes to your new email notification action.

Click Save As (new version). Click Save. Click Activate.


  1. Navigate to the MogliSMS Lightning app.
  2. Navigate to a test Contact record and ensure it’s populated with your own mobile number (and that the Mogli Number field is populated). Also ensure that you are the Contact Owner of the record (or the user you are logged in as is the owner).
  3. From your phone, send a message into one of the client’s gateway numbers.
  4. For EMAIL notifications: The email should arrive in your inbox and the link included should take you straight to the SMS record.

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