Conversation View
  • 24 Jan 2023
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Conversation View

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Article summary

The Conversation View lightning component may be configured on any Standard or Custom Object that has or can be configured to have a single recipient.
It’s used to conduct 1 to 1 conversations with the individual associated with the record.

  1. Settings (menu) - allows users to filter the conversation by user and customize text and bubble colors.
  2. Conversation view (body) - displays the last 300 incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS.
  3. Message to send (field) - manually type a message and view your character count.
  4. Gateway (picklist) - choose the Gateway (outbound phone number) from which to send your message.
        Optionally, upload a voice clip or send text to voice using a Mogli Voice gateway if your plan allows.
  5. Scheduler (date selector) - if not sending immediately, choose the date and time the message is to be delivered.
  6. MMS (file selector) - supported files include jpeg, gif, png, pdf, mp4 (PDF is dependant on recipient’s mobile device)
  7. SMS Template (picklist) - select a predefined message - or - trigger an outbound survey or automated conversation.

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