Consumption Standards
  • 25 Jun 2024
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Consumption Standards

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Prepayment Consumption

What is a prepayment?

Funds allocated towards phone number hosting and future messaging costs.

Prepayments are used only for services provided by messaging partner and convenience fees to Mogli as described below:

  • Standard/Toll-free/Short code SMS messages (charged per message segment)
  • Standard/Short code MMS messages(charged per message segment)
  • Mogli Voice Outbound Calls (charged per call per minute)
  • Mogli Inbound Call Forwarding(charged per call per minute)
  • Non-US/Canada messaging (charged per message segment)
  • WhatsApp messaging (charged per message segment & conversation)
  • Standard phone number rental (charged per number per month)
  • 10DLC campaign fees (expected to be $2 - $10 per month per campaign - passthrough)
  • 10DLC brand and campaign registration fees (passthrough)
  • TMobile registration fees (expected to be $50 one time per campaign - passthrough)

Prepaid messaging credit will not expire as long as Client is still under contract with Mogli. Messaging prepayments are non-refundable and unused credits will not be returned.

All messaging prepayments from Client to Mogli will incur a $50 convenience fee per transaction to cover the cost of transactions and account maintenance. This fee will be deducted directly from the payment. The remaining amount will be available for messaging-related charges. To reduce fees, clients are encouraged (not required) to prepay for the messages needed for the duration of the contract in advance minimum of $2,500 per prepayment.

Message Segmentation Standards

What is a message segment?

Mobile carriers measure text messages in character batches called segments.

One message segment is 160 characters or fewer of plain text. For example a 50-character message will consume 1 message segment, and a 170-character message will consume 2 message segments.

If unicode is used, a message segment is reduced to 75 characters. What’s unicode? Typically, use of emoji and copy/pasted characters from external sources produce unicode. Unicode is an international character encoding standard which provides a unique number for every character across languages and scripts, making almost all characters accessible across platforms, programs, and devices.

Is there a character limit per text message? You may include up to 1,600 characters per message. A 1,600-character message will consume at least 10 message segments - more if it includes unicode.

Why should message segmentation be important to you?

Consumption and Costs. Message segment consumption is billed and monitored by way of message segment volume, not SMS records in Salesforce alone. When you send a text message using Mogli, a single SMS record will be created and stored within Salesforce, no matter the length or character count of the message. A single SMS record does not necessarily represent 1 message segment (unless it is 160 characters or fewer).

Your Recipients’ Experience. Keep your texts short and sweet out of consideration for your recipients. We’ve seen that shorter texts lead to higher response rates.

How do I monitor my message segments?

Mogli’s in-app character counter. When typing your message in Mogli, look for the character counter beneath the text field. This character counter does not distinguish between unicode and 7-bit characters.

Check your work by using a message segment calculator. Use an external message segment calculator to detect for unicode, which Salesforce may not detect, especially if you’ve copied/pasted your message into Mogli. Beware that copy/pasting messages from external sources may yield higher character counts.

Automated emails from the Mogli team. We’ll send you email notifications when you achieve 80%, 90%, and 100% of your allowable consumption.

Mogli URL Consumption

What is Mogli URL?

Mogli URL enables users to effortlessly create and insert custom short URLs into SMS messages, configure custom domains to ensure brand recognition and SMS carrier compatibility, and provide engagement analytics which includes personalized click tracking. 

How are you charged for Mogli URL?

Both Mogli URL and Mogli URL Pro can be purchased as an annual license. The license includes access to the feature as well as 1000 shortened URLs and 20,000 URL clicks (or engagements) per renewal cycle.

  • For Mogli SMS plans with set message limits per year - Once either the limit of shortened URLs or URL Clicks is reached, you can purchase additional buckets of 1000 shortened URLs and 20,000 URL clicks for $500. These additional buckets do not roll over into the next renewal cycle.
  • For Mogli SMS plans with unlimited messaging & prepayments - Shortened URLs and URL Clicks above their unique limits will be deducted from your prepayment at the following rates:
    • Mogli URLs = $0.10 per URL after first 1000 URLs per year (based on annual renewal)
    • Mogli URL Clicks = $0.01 per click after first 20,000 clicks per year (based on annual renewal)

How to monitor Mogli URL usage

You can use normal Salesforce reports on the “Mogli URL” and “Mogli URL Engagement” objects for tracking.

Voice Consumption

What is Mogli Voice?

A Mogli feature that enables you to send text or files as voice calls.

  • Voice calls are charged per call per minute.
  • Automated emails from the Mogli team. We’ll send you email notifications when you achieve 80%, 90%, and 100% of your allowable voice consumption.

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