Auto-Creation of Contact or Lead (Inquiry Form)
  • 03 May 2024
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Auto-Creation of Contact or Lead (Inquiry Form)

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Article summary


  • Generate Lead/Contact from new SMS engagement
  • Quickly and easily add new contacts while gaining consent for future message engagement
  • Perfect for inbound lead generation support

Booster Includes

  1. Scoping call: Meet to discuss goals and outline questions for Mogli Non-Branching Form Template, and up to 5 additional preset values to include on the created Lead or Contact.
  2. Form Building: Configuration of a single Mogli Form in 1 sandbox and production instance with up to 4 pre-defined questions.
  3. Installation and Activation of Flow: Verification that an existing lead or contact is not already present. If not present, creation of new Contact (Person Accounts included) or Lead with preset and form generated values. Open forms may be customized to auto-close after a preset period of time.
  4. Documentation and Client Training: Receive documentation and training on using the form and flow, and updating it in the future.

Booster Limitations

While our package offers robust capabilities, there are some limitations to be aware of. Professional service hours may be purchased to enhance the package to meet your specific requirements. 

  1. 5 or More Questions: We recommend limiting questions to increase the likelihood of form completion. This booster includes a maximum of 4 form template questions.
  2. Branching Forms: This booster includes the creation of a non-branching form template.
  3. Mapping to Non-Text or Email fields: Form responses can be mapped only to text or email fields.
  4. Custom Notifications: This Booster does not include user notifications.
  5. Lead Conversion: This Booster does not include lead conversion.
  6. MMS/Attachments: Form template creation does not include sending of MMS or attachments.
  7. Salesforce Instances Configured: This Booster includes form configuration, and package installation/configuration for up to 1 sandbox and 1 production environment with the same form and setup. Configuration of additional forms or environments are additional.

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