Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • 03 May 2024
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Account Engagement (Pardot)

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Article summary


  • Easily sprinkle in SMS to your existing engagement programs (journeys)
  • Perfect for organizations with extensive engagement programs already built out in AE/Pardot
  • Send SMS from a AE/Pardot created task
  • Ability to create unlimited templates

Booster Includes

  1. Installation and Activation of Package: Installation and activation of the package which allows SMS or WhatsApp to be sent from an Account Engagement (Pardot) created task.
  2. Configuration: Default configuration Page Layout on the SMS Template.
  3. Documentation and Client Training: Receive documentation and training on how to create SMS Templates for use with integration.

Booster Limitations

While our package offers robust capabilities, there are some limitations to be aware of. Professional service hours may be purchased to enhance the package to meet your specific requirements. 

  1. Account Engagement (Pardot) Licenses: This Booster does not include Account Engagement (Pardot) licenses.
  2. Account Engagement (Pardot) Engagement Program Support: This Booster does not include consulting or support on building or modifying Engagement Programs. Note that Account Engagement (Pardot) must be installed with an Engagement Program configured and opted in Mogli Numbers populated for end recipients for this integration to be successful.
  3. Message Scheduling: This Booster does not support scheduling messages for sending in the future. This should be configured within the Engagement Program.
  4. MMS/Attachments: This Booster does not support the sending of MMS or attachments.
  5. Voice: This Booster does not support the sending of voice messages or the initiation of voice calls.

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